Max Bradshaw Support

Check here for help with Max Bradshaw and the Zombie Invasion.


Q: How do the controls work?

A: For the running/shooting levels, you tap to run, tap on zombies to shoot, and swipe icons to interact with them.

There are also driving levels where you steer left/right by touching the left/right side of the screen. There’s a helicopter level where the helicopter follows your finger. And there’s also a rail shooting tank level where you control the turret’s aim by holding your finger on the screen and releasing to shoot.

Q: When driving, is there a way to slow the car’s speed or restore any of the health?

A: Max Bradshaw doesn’t waste time when he drives, so he never eases off the gas. The best (and only way) to slow the car down is to keep turning to scrub off speed (kind of like a skier). There’s no way to restore the health either, so drive carefully!


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